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When to Consider Duct Replacement San Jose

There are several reasons to consider duct replacement San Jose. These include air leaks that are costing extra on utility bills and poor air quality caused by buildup of toxins and pollutants inside the ducts. Even the best duct installation can develop these problems over time.
Many people seek to have their ducts cleaned before they consider replacement. In many cases, this will solve problems with poor air quality and reduced circulation that result from particles being caught in the duct's insulation. However, dampness and mold growth can lead to a buildup of toxic substances that cannot be adequately cleaned. When this occurs, the duct installation will have to be completely replaced to ensure the health of those occupying the affected space.
Over time, structural shifts can allow ducts that were properly installed when new to sag and break apart. Pests can get at the ducts and eat away the insulation that prevents water condensation from forming on the outside of ducts. In some cases, they can even eat holes in the ducts that allow air leaks. These leaks can cause the unit to operate inefficiently, leading to increased use of electricity and higher bills. Replacing the damaged ducts is the only solution to these problems.
Older structures may have ducts that contain asbestos. This material was once extensively used because of its high R value and resistance to fire. However, it has also been found to be a leading cause of lung cancer. Any ducts that contain asbestos insulation must be replaced immediately by a crew trained in the proper handling and disposal of this material.
In many cases, cleaning the ducts may be sufficient to restore proper function and improve air quality. However, there are situations where duct replacement San Jose will be the only option. When this is the case, one should find a company that has a good reputation and employs only skilled technicians who can handle the tear out and installation of new ducts in an efficient and professional manner. This will minimize the mess created by the workers and ensure that the new ducts will provide several years of clean, efficient service.